AUNEX company specializes in the development, production and programming of electronic devices with a vehicle buses CAN bus, CAN FD (flexible data-rate), LIN, SENT, as well as for the application of the automotive diagnostic protocols of ISO TP / UDS, LIN TP, OBD and older types such as the VW TP16, VW TP20, KWP1281, KWP2000.

We are a firm which helps companies that need to solve problems between the PLC or PC and the tested part which has a vehicle bus.

We also provide consulting and advisory services in this area. One of the guarantees of the quality of our work is the 20 years of combined experience we have in this field.

We can also offer the development of any devices controlled by the microcontroller. We have experience with applications such as USB, Ethernet, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, RS232, RS485, Modbus and Profibus.